South Maui

Global Concepts:

  •   Equal rights for everyone

  •   A living wage: Fight for $15 (minimum wage) We proved it CAN be done!

  •   Reproductive freedom and a woman's right to choose.

  •   Multi-national companies whose activities impact homes, schools and other places of human gathering need oversight by        state agencies and be held accountable for their practices with mandetory disclosure and oversight.

  •   It is everyone's duty to resist the predatory agenda of the Trump administration and work to undo the harm being inflicted        on our vulnerable populations.

  •   The importance of development being planned, coordinated and executed in conjuction with infrastructure in accordance        with implemented community plans.

As a small business owner, I would like to collaborate with colleagues to make doing business in Hawaii easier.  We have so many challenges.  Hawaii's anti-business worker's compensation regulations, for example, make it very difficult to pay higher wages. Insurance companies & Department of Labor do not protect employers from frivolous claims.  Small business owners need a level playing field.  

As small business owner, I would like to work on the state regulations regarding liquor laws.  Maui's Liquor Commission is the epitome of plantation era patriarchy.  It is anti-business and corrupt.  To fund our schools, I would like to work on making marijuana completely legal and help the dispensary program not go down the same path our liquor laws have followed.  Colorado is booming, everyone is working, housing is being built everywhere. Hawaii has missed the boat.

As an unapologetic environmentalist, I would like to work to hold the county accountable for very poor waste water practices.  Our Department of Health needs staffing and funding for water quality monitoring.  Our reefs are our economy.  If we want to preserve our way of life, our livelihoods, we have got to protect our natural resources.  I will advocate for a Department of the Environment.

I will work to restore water resources where they have been stolen with tacit approval of other state lawmakers.  The current diversion and dumping of water can not continue in perpetuity.

Maui has achieved bonafide third world status with regard to health care.  Maui county residents should be able to have their babies without having to move to Oahu 60 days before their due date. Medical specialists are unavailable on Maui.  Maui has no meaningful orthopedic care.  Residents of means are able to seek care as medical tourists on the mainland.  But struggling, working families do not have that luxury.  Our full-time resident numbers combined with any given day's tourist occupancy warrants the basics in hospital and medical professionals to provide services to our populace.

I will work to get bulldozers on the Kihei High School property that was funded by the legislature 2 YEARS AGO.  What could the hold-up possibly be?  If it takes daily visits to Department of Education, so be it.  The Kihei Charter School will be up and running by 2019.  There just isn't a reasonable explanation for the lack of action on the Patsy Mink High School.  I would like to propose South Maui's high school be named after our iconic leader, Patsy Mink.

Housing:  I will work with state legislators to provide whatever resources are available so the counties can build affordable work force housing.  Maui needs 1600 units a year and has built none in the last decade.  We've achieved crisis status.  We need rentals.  No basic wage earner will ever have the necessary 20% down payment to rent money to buy property in Hawaii. Condos also are not the answer.  HOA's take too much money from families.  I will advocate for a larger percentage of TATax to be returned to the counties to fund the building of housing.

Hawaii needs comprehensive waste management and recycling.  We need to bring an end to cesspools and injection wells.  We need to be recycling and manufacturing with plastic and glass.  We need to get real about our finite resources and maximize our potential to deduce, reuse and recycle.

I will advocate for a decentralized department of education.  With 1100 unfilled teacher positions across the state, obviously the system isn't working.  We need to attract and retain teachers.  They need a livable, competitive wage.  Teachers need a reasonable classroom environment.  That includes climate control.  Teachers can't teach and students can't learn in classrooms that exceed triple digit temperatures.

Issues & Work to be Done