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Highlights of Constituent & Legislative Work


Secured Matching Funds in Budget Bill HB200 to preserve Na Wai Eha

DOFAW requested $2M in matching funds from the State, which was granted in full after Rep Wildberger advocated for it to be included in the budget, as a member of the House Finance Committee. This funding saves Na Wai Eha from private acquisition, ensuring South Maui's only water sources remains public for future generations. (The landowner was trying to sell ASAP so if the State didn't commit matching funds THIS YEAR, they would have sold to whoever would buy - likely a large landowner and water banker.) 

Background and history about Na Wai Eha: 

State Budget Bill HB200: 



​Passed HB424 Procurement of Electric Vehicles

This bill requires State workers to opt for electric vehicles when renting for State business. The State pays for over a thousand vehicle-rental days per year, so this incentivizes rental vehicle companies to invest in electric fleets.

Passed SB615 Lexi's Law (Senate companion to HB636)

This bill holds a special place in our South Maui community. Lexi's life ended tragically, but her legacy lives on with the passage of SB615. This bill provides an additional safety requirement for our visitors who are unfamiliar with our roads, while still allowing residents the freedom to choose to wear a helmet.

Passed SCR151 Restorative Justice in Schools

Hawaii is notorious for our school-to-prison pipeline and discriminatory policing in schools. Implementing Restorative Justice practices would stop this problem at the source, and lead to more caring & responsible adults, with countless ripple effects like reducing prison overcrowding & homelessness.

Passed HR135 Underwater Munitions cleanup

The concurrent resolution stalled in the Senate, but the House took a strong stand in favor of working toward non-explosive solutions for underwater munitions. As a result of this resolution, the DLNR is already working with the IDUM ISTAB to utilize new technology to clean up thousands of unexploded ordnance in our island waters.

​​​​​​​​​​Worked with Chief Justice Recktenwald & Maui's Chief Judge to fix Temporary Restraining Order Processes:

When a constituent was having trouble getting a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), the Maui courts were telling her she couldn't file the paperwork herself, and instead she had to file through an overburdened NGO that wasn't able to return her call for several days.  The Wailuku courthouse had also imposed an arbitrary 3pm cutoff time, so the NGO was even further limited with how they could assist. When the constituent was finally able to file a TRO, the police department produced a severe delay while serving the paperwork on the defendant, and even lost the papers. With a series of correspondences to the Judiciary & MPD, and  hosting a meeting with the Judiciary we were able to change how this program is executed and eased the burden on domestic violence victims and Women Helping Women.

Arranged for safe outdoor classroom space at all Kihei Schools during Covid

Negotiated with the Film Industry and their tax credit / community contribution program to bring ventilated shade structures to all four South Maui Schools providing 600-1200 sq ft of Covid-safe, ventilated, shady space for teachers and students to utilize with confidence when spreading contagion was a primary concern.

Worked with HIEMA, State DoD & Kihei Ice to distribute Hand/Surface Sanitizer to schools and businesses to help open back up our economy.


Addressed unsafe working conditions at MMMC

When contacted by dozens of MMMC staff about inadequate PPE & protection from COVID, Rep. Wildberger was the only elected official willing to speak out against the status quo

CIP Funding: $300,000 to Lokelani Intermediate

For "Architectural Barrier Removal" to finance Design & Construction for renovated access ramps and walkways for ADA compliance 

2020 HB2725

CIP Funding: $270,000 to Kihei Elementary School

For ADA transition 

2020 HB2725 

CIP Funding: $250,000 to Kihei High School

For Due Diligence Study for safe pedestrian crossing

2020 HB2725 

CIP Funding: $7,250,000 to Kihei High School

For additional Construction & Design

     $6,000,000  For Construction

     $1,250,000 For Design

CIP Funding: $950,000 to Lokelani Intermediate

For design to build a new Administration Building and library 

Coordinated with Councilmember Kelly King and various South Maui restaurants to provide school lunches after Covid shut down for several gap weeks when DoE was unable to provide keiki lunches.

Organized HHARP ~ Hawaii Hazards Awareness & Resiliency Program under Hawaii Emergency Management and Kihei's Pacific Disaster Center.  This year and a half effort with community volunteers certified South Maui for emergency preparedness.   South Maui is the first community in Maui County to complete this important program.


First "NO" vote on infamous Water Theft bill, HB1326 

Rep Wildberger laid to ground work for Senator Kahele to deny, for the first time, A&B's perceived water entitlements 

Passed SB1039 Relating to Prostitution (Senate companion to HB486)

This bill was a priority of the Women's Legislative Caucus, to allow victims of Sex Trafficking to vacate their convictions and move forward with their lives

Worked with Goodfellow Brothers to abate fugitive dust

After receiving complaints from neighbors downwind from Maui Bay Villas (Old Maui Lu), Rep Wildberger did a site visit and followed up with the DOH Clean Air Branch and the contractor to significantly reduce the fugitive dust

Kihei Boat Ramp Dredging

Worked with County Departments to keep the sand resource in South Maui:

The Sand was used for a beach restoration project at Kam 1 instead of being used or sold off shore

​​​Organized & executed Lights for Liberty

Large-scale vigil in solidarity with hundreds of similar events nationwide to protest the inhumane treatment of children at border detention camps. 

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